Jump Out Of Your Skin

Michael Lodge – 

JUMP OUT OF YOUR SKIN – All of us need to try new things in life. A few months back I started listening to podcasts, I got hooked on them. They were easy to listen to as I was walking or traveling. I really liked Dave Ramsey because his message is just common sense. But podcasts was so interesting to me I decided I would try, so I did. I have done over 130 podcasts, learning as I go, and having fun at doing it. But it is the learning process that is fun. Through life I have always had a speech issue, I hated my voice, but I said who cares, just try something new that is out of the box. Today I am happy I tried something just for myself, jumping out of my accountants skin into a podcasters skin. I may not be as successful as other podcasters but I tried something new and just did it. I am now on IHeart Radio and podcasting away. It is amazing to see that people even in Iran are listening to a guy like me. So I encourage you to do something new that interests you. Jump out of your skin!