Is Facebook Ads Good For Business?

Michael Lodge – listen to my podcasts

Part of business is branding and it means you have to advertise your brand..  This past year I spent a lot on Facebook advertising.  I found it worthless.  You set your ads up to hit certain communities close to you that you want to reach.  However when you see people liking your ads they are from China and other parts of the globe.  I sat it up to reach Burbank, Los Angeles, and other local communities around me.  Not China and other nations.  I really am thinking Facebook is not a very honest advertising method, you dont get honest results.  And are likes really likes or are they people out there just clicking to drive up numbers, it is a question in my mind.  Likes are not leading to new business, at least in my case in using ads on Facebook.  Now yelp has produced sales using a simple set up.  Google has also worked for me.  However Facebook has produced nothing, so it has me thinking.

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