God Wasn’t Wearing A Seatbelt

Michael Lodge – listen to my podcasts

​I always ask my God Son, what did you learn in church.  I never get an answer, but I will keep trying.  So this is what I heard in church.

So a Priest was driving to give last rights at a hospital.  He was pulled over by a police officer because he was driving in the express lane.  The police said, sorry father but I have to give you a ticket because there is only one person in the car in the express lane.  The father thought for a moment, he pulled out the sacrament, the body of Christ.  Officer, there are two of us in the car, me and God.  The officer believed the Priest but said sorry I still hae to give you a ticket.  Why?  The Priest asked.  The officer responded, father – God wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

The Priest always begins his sermon with a funny story.  God has a sense of humor through his messenger.  What is your message?  Try to inspire today.  It starts with a joke.