Kathy Giffin – You Can’t Just Leave It At “Sorry”?

Michael Lodge –

So comedian Kathy Giffin help a press conference this morning with her attorney.  Now when did saying sorry require an attorney to tear down the President, the son and family of the President.  She offended million of Americans by holding a beheaded head of Trump all bloody in her picture that she released to the press and it went terribly bad for her.  So she made a video saying she was sorry.  Then today she has her attorney, hold a press conference, making jokes, and attacking the President and the American people.  So, she just couldn’t stop at sorry?

Instead she holds a press conference, her attorney attacks the President and his family, and Kathy becomes the victim.  Goodness, when did celebs think they can do something bad and then they become the victim?  When you do something stupid live up to it, don’t make it into a liberal political war against the President.  Take responsibility and people will believe and forgive.  But attack others about something bad you did is just stupid and the she will have to live with the results.   When you blame others, you give up your power to change.  By her holding this press conference and blaming others shows she has no self-respect for herself.  Her sorry to the American public means nothing.  But it is an easy way out, blame others and you think it makes you appear the victim of your actions – but it means you have no self respect, you can’t take responsibility and leave it at that.  Holding the press conference did more damage, it shows a weak liberal blaming others for her actions, trying to justify what she did politically.  Doesn’t work.  Hate doesn’t work.

 “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”  Henry Ward Beecher