Political Tuesday – Kathy Griffin You Went Too Far

Michael Lodge

Have you noticed that celebs have become just mean about their political views?  We just saw it yesterday when comedian Kathy Griffin did a photo shoot of her holding a bloody Donald Trump head.  This gross stunt went a little too far for Americans, both on the left and right thought it was not funny and was just wrong.  Now, if you know this comedian you know she had a whole reality show that was all about her getting publicity, she was on the “B” list of celebs.  So she went out of her way to get her name out there in the media, and she would almost do anything.  Same as yesterday, she went too far in her media grab, remember it is all about her and not about what or how America feels.  She went to the lowest of the low and was disgusting in every way.  Even her apology was nothing more than to get more attention.  She knew what she was doing, the intent was for her time in the media, and she got it.

That is how Hollywood is, all about getting their names in the paper and they us liberal politics to do it.  Do they believe in it?  Probably not but it gets their names out in the media for at least a couple of days.  You see it on day time talk shows, when celebs are walking through the airport, or on the Red Carpet.  The more vulgar politically they are the more attention they get.  They know how to use the press to get to you.  And it works, take a lesson from – Using Media 101.

However, the issue is that many of the celebs have started to use hate in their language.  As Kathy Griffin did, she used a vulgar picture – pure hate.  Celebs have learned to hate and use it to get their time in the media.  They are using hate that creates more hate, and with Kathy Griffen it goes too far.  Griffen replaced laughter with hate.  The sad thing is that Celebs have the capacity to do good, to take up causes to help people.  No longer, their hate drowns out any good they may be doing.  We will always remember Griffen as hate based on the picture she showed, we now question her ability to make people laugh or take up a good cause.  Hate accomplishes nothing.

When Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, libertarians go too far by using hate it does nothing for America.  It shows they are unable to sit down at the table like big boys and girls and work things out, get things done, accomplish things for the American people.  If they do not change their ways, stomp out hate and replace it with working together, this nation will become more divided than ever.  Hat and political agenda’s cause more damage to a nation then anything else.

Kathy, you went too far.  Take this time to reflect on what you did and perhaps over time your apology will mean something.

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.”  MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR