Democracy Is Being Attacked By Political Elites


Michael Lodge –

​If the Democrats and the political elites do not stop this political war against Americans and the President of the United States, we will tarnish the democracy of this nation.  The liberal elites are angry that conservatism won the election and they can’t let it go.  We currently have taxation without representation.  I have said it so many times, and written about it, that Americans no longer have a voice in America, in their own nation.  This can’t continue.

The political elites are out of control, they are playing dangerous dirty politics – corrupt to the bone.  They are turning America into a nation at war within itself.  And it boils down to the American people against the political elite.  When this happens America is at a point where a country has gone out of control.  If Americans do not start demanding that democracy to be given back, that our voices are heard, than we have a serious problem where laws will no longer protect our freedoms.  We are at a very serious time of this nation and if we do not fight for our democracy then the elite will walk all over Americans and our freedoms.

 This can’t continue.  Political wars have got to stop!  Americans should demand that this worthless political war end – let the country heal and move forward.