Tax Reform? Congress Is Not Listening!

Michael Lodge –

Running a business is harder today then when I first started in 1984. We are faced with more regulations and compliance issues then ever before. And if you reach out to your state legislators you get no response back. Reach out to congress or the senate you get a form letter back not addressing your issue. We are paying taxes and we no longer have representation. Elected officials only represent political party agendas, not the voices and needs of the American people. We are back to the time when there was a revolution – taxes without representation. We have come full circle and it is not good.

If you think we will have tax reform – dream on. Congress is just playing politics, nothing will get done. They are having failure with ACA, which had 21 hidden new taxes in it when passed. They will never get tax reform done because they have no tax reform plan. They are playing politics.

So if Congress is going to play politics, Americans do not have a voice in the Congress, and they are not going to listen.  Then, is there any point of having a Congress that fails America.  I know it sounds like treason, but I think that America needs to stand up for their voice.  Right now it is not being heard.  All of us pay taxes and this money goes to pay the salaries of the members of the Senate and Congress, thus we are paying them to do a job for us.

So, if tax reform is really going to happen, especially for small business, Congress has got to start performing and doing their jobs.  I still encourage everyone to get involved, make your voice heard, write – email – call their offices and demand for tax reform.  Be proactive before Congress says – sorry – not the right time to do it.  Get involved.