Shortest Verse – “Jesus Wept”

Rev. Michael Lodge

When I was a child, a very long time ago, I went to Christian schools.  Everyday our teachers would have us memorize bible verses and then stand up and recite them to our classmates.  I really thought I was smart because I could always remember the shortest verse in the bible – “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35).  However, over time, and especially on Good Friday that verse means a lot to me.  As Jesus wept in the garden with his right hand men beside him, he wept and prayed.  And if you are a Christian you know the rest of the story as he was taken into custody and later crucified on the Cross.  “He Wept” wasn’t so short any longer, it became a story that has lasted centuries and we celebrate his death and rising again.  I have always loved the words Jesus said to his followers – “I am the I am”.  The beginning and the end.  The start and the finish.  It really is a great story of passion and continues on even to today.

Those of you that read this may not believe in God.  But take just a few minutes and think about how one person changed so much down the history of this world.  And he is still changing things in our lives and communities just with the word “Christian”.  Jesus was one person that told his followers – let’s get along and love one another.  In the book of Thessalonians 5:16 it says “Rejoice Always”.  This very simple verse that tells us to rejoice has turned into hate in these last few months.  Take a deep breath, go to Sunday brunch and “Rejoice Always” because one man made a difference in the world to allow you to be happy.  Rejoice that your have learned a lot of the hard times and troubles in your life.  Rejoice that you are still here and that you still have the possibility of doing great things in your life – or others lives.  You still have a chance.

Good Friday reminds us of the man who gave his life for all of us, even if you don’t believe you are still very blessed.  Think about it.  And Easter tells us of the story where life begins – refreshed.

Even if you don’t believe – just rejoice.  I am thankful for short verses because they have a powerful punch to life.  Everyone have a great good Friday and a blessed Easter.