Is California a Viable State To Live and Do Business In?

Michael Lodge

Your California gas taxes and gas costs are about to go up. Highest taxing state in the Union. Is California still a viable state to live and do business in. We have to consider that the State Government is doing nothing to help businesses and citizens cope with the cost of doing business in California, in fact they are making it harder. Just remember when government taxes higher and higher so do the cost of goods and food in California go higher. But the State doesn’t care, they want to keep spending more and more money and creating more red tape and regulations on business and Californians. The higher taxes go up the most cost of things keep going up. Do you really want that to keep happening? Or is it time to do something different in California?

In Los Angeles they just raised the Sales and Use tax has gone from 9% to 9.5%.  The state of California and certain cities are so tax hungry that they never think about how to make things better for people in the state of California instead they make it harder.  The cost to live and do business continues to climb and the State and Local Government does not care.

The question has to be asked – is California a state a viable place to do business as costs continue to go up – not down.  If the State does not get themselves under control more and more businesses will leave the state to operate in business friendly states.