Democrats and Republicans Failed America – Again!

Michael Lodge

​So today the republicans kicked americans in the teeth by not fulfilling their promise to the american people to repeal and replace Obamacare.  They failed.  They broke a promise.  They had eight long years to come up with a solid replacement and they played politics instead.  So here americans sit with a worthless healthcare obamacare and the republicans do nothing.  What in the world are the republicans doing?  What are the Democrats doing?  Fold when the going gets tough?  No one wants to work together and go to the table like adults and do some compromising?  Honestly we have babies in congress, both democrats and republicans, that are idiots.  We were failed by both parties, political idiots with no desire to do what is right for America.  And Trump set both parties up, he knew they had no solutions, and now Congress looks more stupid then ever.  

We will get nothing done with a failed congress.  Enough of this failure, Trump is right about Washington.  America, we are in trouble.