California Legislature Condemned Trump – Just Wrong

Video Of Legislature

By Michael Lodge – The California state legeslature came back into session after the elections.  The first bill they introduced was a bill to condemn President Elect Trump on immigration.  One State Representative stood up and took on the left wing of the democratic controlled house, Melissa Melendez.  Watch the video link.  The problem with California is it is lead by socialist democrats that do not care about all of California but rather only about pushing a corrupt political agenda, to divide a state.  California has great problems, poverty is high, unemployment is not good, taxes and red tape has caused the state to be the beginning of full state control on business.  But the democrats instead pass a bill to put a hose up a cows butt to collect the gas and save the environment.  Come on how stupid is that?  They have lost it, they worry more about power, money, and their corrupt political agenda.  Both Govenor Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom have lost touch with California because they are so far left that their only concern is their political agenda and Californians are pushed to the side.  We have been kicked to the curb way too long.  Trump says it is time to clean out the swamp, this Californian says it is time to clean up the sewer in Sacramento.  Enough is enough, we need to take back our state quickly in the next state elections.