California Is Going Down The Wrong Path


by Michael Lodge –

So today I got a letter from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce telling me about a new ordinance about what employers can and can’t ask applicants on their criminal history.  So California and the City of Los Angeles has put more restrictions on small businesses in the state on hiring practices.


An employer shall not include on any application for Employment any questions that seek the disclosure of an applicant’s criminal history.

An employer shall not, at any time or by any means, inquire about or require disclosure of any applicant’s criminal history unless and until a conditional offer of employment has been made to the applicant.

Small businesses have to comply with federal hiring practices, E-Verify, and so many other state and federals regulations that puts so many burdens on the employer to employ.  Honestly you have to ask yourself whey even continue to do business in California when the state continues to come up with more ways for businesses to get into trouble.

The State of California has lost over 9,000 businesses over the last few years moving to states that are less complicated and business friendly.  And when you see the cities and state keep creating more and more rules one can understand why other states look better and better everyday.