By Michael Lodge

MY REVIEW – HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH:  I wish I could give you a review that means something, but it was a play of hard rock, acid rock and I could not understand one word of any song.  The whole story was a pointless monalogue that was not funny, too long and bad dramatics from a bunch of glee actors trying to tell a story of a transexual from germany with music – kind of.  

No intermission, probably because they thought people would leave, i wanted to leave.  The only saving grace is I found a dunkun donut shop by the theatre.  I believe this was a one night show.  I love the theatre, it tells so many wonderful stories and music, so it is hard for me to sit through sonething that I dont like.  Next time, there is always something new.  Sorry, I cant even give it any stars.