We Have A New President And Democracy Lives On


by Michael Lodge

Last night and early into the morning we all waited to see who the next President of the United States would be.  As the night and early morning went on we saw the Donald Trump was winning the votes of the American people to get him to the White House.  And then it happened when Pennsylvania came through and put in over the top of what he needed to win.  We saw the votes coming in from all over the United States and we saw Americans believing in our democratic system to put a man in office.  As Americans we now have to move forward – no matter who you voted for, we have to get behind our government, clean out the corruption that runs rampant within it, and get America back on track.  It is time that we as Americans make our nation strong again, a leader of nations.  Henry Cabot Lodge once said, “I would rather see the United States respected than loved by other nations”.  Today we need to make this nation strong, vibrant and a leader of nations.

Trump won because his message hit the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans.  The message could be heard by those that saw a corrupt political system, a biased media, and the loss of jobs over the course of these past few years.  Many Americans were hurt and they wanted someone to say they would help them.  Not ignore them anymore, but to hear their voice and their pain to make American better again and a Government that would focus on America first.  His message may not be what you felt or believed in, but Americans wanted a better America.  They were willing to look away from the flaws of a Man to what he could accomplish for America.

Clinton was different, he message was not there, instead it was about Trump.  No one knew what she stood for except more of Obama.  There was a lot of anger from the liberal Americans towards a conservative America.  Clinton did not have flaws but rather major corrupt and ethics issues that hurt America and destroyed he chance of being President.  She showed no leadership ability but rather went out and did it her way but the wrong way.  Corrupt actions are not a sign of leadership, it is a sign of failure.  Thus, she was not accepted as a viable candidate, she was seen a mean and nasty, with no heart for America.  She had no voice that America could accept.  America moved on.

But today, you and I have the opportunity to do something great for America.  We can stand tall and proud that our democracy system worked.  Our voice sent a clear message to Washington and around the nation that Americans are tired of corruption, politicians, and nothing getting done.  Today you and I can be vigilant that we let our nations leaders know – we want change.  Keep your voice loud, clear, focused, and many things can get done in this nation.  If the nations leaders refuse to hear our voice and play politics then it is time for greater change in a shift in leadership in the Congressional houses.  Keep your voice and active involvement in this country going – you can create change.

“Contrast The United States With Any Country On The Face Of The Earth Today And Ask Yourself Whether The Situation Of The United States Is Not The Best To Be Found.” – Henry Cabot Lodge