Icon Tax Group: Those Wedding Costs – Not Deductible – But How Much Is A Wedding?


by Michael Lodge

Many of you may not know this about me is that I perform weddings and at the same time I am a tax guy who has bed news.  The wedding for your child – not a tax deduction.  But let’s go over the costs of what an average wedding will be as it hits your pocket books.

In the United States the average wedding costs is about $26,645 and about 2,172,503 weddings are held a year.  Now the costs can go up depending on how a bride can make their parents feel guilty and get them to spend more.  Just joking.  If you take Los Angeles Country, where I live, the average wedding costs $34,594 and about 55,861 weddings are performed.  If you look at California as a whole, the average wedding cost is about $34,732 and about 222,821 weddings are performed.


So if you have about 50 guests, which is an average wedding, the costs of the wedding break down about like this:


So dads and moms, the wedding is not a tax deduction, but it is a time for your child to begin a new life.  So spend well, make the day the best, and sit back and enjoy.  Unless you have multiple daughters that needs to get married.  If that is the case, still have fun but save up.

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