America’s Democracy Has Been Contaminated By Corrupt Politicians


by Michael Lodge

THIRD WORLD COUNTRY: I use to laugh at politics in the Philippines where you had an ex-president who was in prison campaigning for candidates in the country. When I had offices in Makati, Philippines the campaign trucks would roll past me with the ex-president picture on the side of the truck endorsing the candidate. I would laugh at the through of how unethical and corrupt the politicians were, paying people off, collecting money through bribes, and paying to get to see the President or high-profile candidates. I was always proud that the United States was pretty much a good honest country where you could depend on the government to do the right thing. But here we sit, looking at a corrupt politician running for President – no better than any third world country.
How ashamed are we that we are allowing someone who is under federal criminal investigation and review by Congress to run for President. We have now become a third world country with no ethics and we are endorsing corruption in the United States. America use to be the shinning jewel in this big sea of countries, where our constitution was our foundation, where other countries looked at us with aw because we stood for something. The FBI showed us this past two weeks just how dirty our government has become, how political the justice system has become, and the list of corruption continues. We are truly leading from behind as a third world nation contaminated with corruption and no justice for all.
America has become contaminated with political corruption and greed and yet people endorse corruption instead of doing what is right. If you vote and endorse corruption then this nation, our great America falls and fails as a democracy. Our democracy has been attacked by corruption.
God Bless American on November 8th.