America – It Is The Final Day – Decision Time

by Michael Lodge

Today is the final day to make a decision for President. It is time for Americans to make a choice. In the end of their decision we have to ask the question of is this nation going to be able to heal after tomorrow? I have a concern that it will not. If Clinton were to win the Congress will still be going after her on national security and pay for play issues, that will not end. There are still FBI and IRS investigations going on. And there is talk about impeachment which never brings a country together. The election of Clinton will be another four years of fighting between Americans and government organizations. Clearly there was a crime committed as seen by the American people and there is a big doubt that Government is not ethical or trustworthy. Thus, we have a problem, the country will not heal with Clinton.

Now if Trump wins we will have the first two years of trying to clean up Government and the corruption that runs rampant. This is going to be an easier thing to swallow because something might get done. The Democratic liberal party are not going to be happy because a lot of costly programs that they created are going to go away. Government will be downsized. The Democrats are going to be mad all the time and when they are mad they play dirty, so expect a very dirty Democratic fight against everything Trump would do. It will not be as bad as a Clinton Presidency, but at least things will be done.

However, with all that being said. We vote tomorrow and the decision we make will shape the nation over the next four years. The questions we should ask do we want to move forward or do we want the constant battle of corruption for four years? Vote with your heart but think about what is best for America. That is all we can do as citizens of this great nation. Vote from the heart – with love for America.