Our Vote And Our Nations Future – Stop Corruption

By Michael Lodge

I hate the fact that as we prepare to vote we as a nation are focused on corruption.  Every single day for weeks we have learned how corrupt the goverbment is and the players in it.  we have learned about pay for play deals when Secretary of State, linning of pockets with millions of dollars under oath in office.  And the list of corrupt and unethical practices goes on and on.  We have learned how political the DOJ and FBI have become so that justice has died.  

We as a people have lost a nation that would fight for it’s people and not for a corrupt political agenda.  We have to stop corruption with our vote, we cant let this continue.  Other nations are looking at our system of government as failing, they challenge us to do what is right and still we fail.

I can never be anything else but an American, and I must think of the United States first, and when I think of the United States first in an arrangement like this I am thinking of what is best for the world, for if the United States fails the best hopes of mankind fail with it.

Henry Cabot Lodge

With your vote against corruption you can stop this failure, we have to save our nation.  vote against failure and corruptiin.  we have to stop it.