Voting For A Corrupt Politician – Makes Us Accomplices


by Michael Lodge

So here we have a politician that has her foundation being investigated by four offices of the FBI, is personally under a FBI investigation, and the IRS is reviewing her foundation on pay for play issues.  Does that not sound like an individual that does not live a very ethical life?  This is no longer about politics but about ethics.  If this candidate should ever become President the office of the President will just be a legal camp, fighting the courts, the FBI and the Congress.  This will drag on for years or may even end up in impeachment at some point.  Does America want to be an accomplice to corruption?  Nothing will get done in Government.  Or do we vote for the individual that can focus on getting things done?

If we put a President in office that has a history of being unethical we then become an accomplice to more and more disruptive government.  The American people are tired of this whole mess.  And for the DNC to push a candidate that corrupt and unethical just is not fair the American people.  They should have known that with one corrupt act comes another and another.  And then the DNC itself was caught being corrupt by rigging an election.  The corruption in politics just keeps getting bigger and bigger, it is not going away.

Ok, so we can complain or we can do something with our vote.  With our vote we can say enough is enough, stop the corruption in politics, and put someone in that can try to change the course of the nation.  Corruption will only make it worse and our nation will fail even more.  I for one do not want to be an accomplice to a corrupt nation.

Really, enough is enough.