Icon Tax Group Staff Are Ready For Tax Season


by Michael Lodge

I always know when it is close to tax season because I and my staff are rushing through to finish our continuing education, renewing our licenses and our IRS requirements.  It is a lot of work but it has to be done to keep up to date on all new tax laws and procedures.  And let me tell you our course book is over 500 pages of various tax laws that we need to know each year.  But like in every profession you have requirements to meet to remain in compliance with the state and federal IRS.  Has to be done.

Our office is a little different, even our front desk and customer service individuals are registered through CTEC of California as a California Registered Tax Preparers.  Everyone in the office at any level is trained and holds some type of license or registration..  We have no unlicensed individuals.

We are now taking appointments for tax preparation.  You can call our office toll free at:  877.778.1770 or go online at www.icontaxgroup.com

TAX PRACTITIONERS:    Phone:  887.778.1770

Michael Lodge, CRTP – Business Compliance

Dominic Dauigoy, E.A. – Tax Practitioner – Audit Representation

Carol Bui, E.A. – Tax Practitioner – Audit Representation

E.A. Postion – To Be Filled

Philip Estrella, CRTP – Tax Practitioner

Marcia Flores, CRTP – Quality Control

Brenndy Gonzalez, CRTP – Client Support