Icon Tax Group: It Is Time To Sit Down With Your Tax Accountant


by Michael Lodge

We are in the last quarter of 2017.  I would encourage all of you that own a business or have complicated individual returns, to sit down with your tax accountant right now before the end of the year.  You may still be able to do some year end adjustments to take advantage of tax codes that can help you.

If you own a business get your financial statements clean.  Review them with your accountants, make adjustments that will help you in your reporting and tax issues.  The better you understand your income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows the better you are.  If you understand where you are at, not only can you adjust your tax issues but you can also plan for the next year.  Be proactive.

If you need help in understanding your financial statement or need help on tax issues, call our office at:  877.778.1770 and speak to a tax practitioner in our office.  Sit down with your tax accountant and go over your tax concerns for your 2016 tax return.