America – GO VOTE!! Don’t Believe the Polls


By Michael Lodge

Vote for our nations independence, our constituion, our democracy, “The independence of the United States is not only more precious to ourselves but to the world than any single possession“. Henry Cabot Lodge

I think we are at a point where the poll numbers just can’t be trusted anymore. Media has used corrupted methods to get the numbers that they desire, not what are true numbers. So the sampling being taken by media outlets do not make any sense, they are so contaminated with political thought and not real sampling of real people. What do we have – contaminated information going in and corrupted numbers going out. Once the media started to show signs of pushing their own candidate and political agenda all bets were off on getting good numbers. The issue of contaminated poll taking has never been worse since this election season because of the candidates involved. The left hate the right so much they are willing to do anything. In the end – Americans decide and not the media. My suggestion right now, do not listen to poll numbers, they are worthless. Go to the voting booth and pull the lever for the candidate that you want. Go vote, don’t get convinced by poll numbers because they are “crap”. Just go and vote for the individual you want. Polls do not decide winners, Americans decide who wins. GO OUT AND VOTE