What Is Up With The Philippines?

by Michael Lodge

WHAT IS UP WITH THE PHILIPPINES?:  The Philippines has a new President that seems to be a little crazy and doesn’t know what he is doing in the area of international issues.  First he calls the President of the United States a “Son of a Whore”, then he says he is going to cut ties with the US and then changes his mind and says he can’t do it.  Talking about sending mixed messages to the US and to the Philippine people.  He should be considered a risk to his nation and to Americans doing business there. The foreign diplomatic community throughout the world is very concerned about the words and actions of this new President.

Those that support him endorse risk, not a stable nation.

He has killed more than 3,500 people suspected to be in the drug trade.  No rule of law, no court system, just a gun and kills people because they may be in the drug trade.  He calls the innocent killing of people “Collateral Damage”.  This is not leadership, this is a crazy person running around like a dictator doing whatever he wants to do.  If the Philippines had any democracy it is now gone by having a crazy president.  The Philippines is so corrupt that it starts from the top and works it way all the way down to the lowest person in government.  He says he wants to stop corruption but then displays corruption by not following the rule of law.  You can’t have it both ways if you are a democracy or have any sense of moral compass, Duterte compass is way off course and he is about to push the button to destroy his own country.  I predict he will be brought to the International Court on crimes against humanity if he keeps it up.