Icon Tax Group: There Are Those Days


by Michael Lodge

If you are in business you have those days when everything happens at one time.  Everything that is bad happens in one day, one week, or some period of time that it drops on you.  And you sit in there and wonder, my goodness what will happen next.  There are those days.

It is Saturday and I am sitting in the office working with staff on a project.  As I am waiting for documents to be given to me to review it hit me, as I was looking around the office, that a lot has really happened to me in building this firm.  I mean a lot.

When I first started my company, under a different name, it was formed so we could go out and buy other companies.  I met two young guys who said they could come up with the financing for the purchases.  So we sat down an planned out what we can do, so we decided between the three of us that we would go out and find companies to buy, bring the data back, and make a decision.  So off I went meeting with companies, getting to know the peoples, looking at their financials, and making a decision on which companies I would pitch before our group of three.  I brought back 20 really good companies.  We all three met, they brought no companies to the table.  They could not even bring in the financing.  So I took my company and went off on my own.

Off to the race of business I went.  During the last 15 years of business I have gone through the following.  Started a call center in the Philippines, started a nursing review center in the Philippines, started a healthcare staffing firm, started a tax firm, started a real estate firm.  And in the course of all of this I had my driver in the Philippines shot in the face by attackers that could have killed me, saw people getting killed by terrorists on a bus, had employees steal from me, represented high profile boxers and entertainers, had a business partner charged with fraud, had a major client that went into bankruptcy and we lost over $500,000 in billings, and the list goes on.  But through it all I kept the companies structured, sold and closed some, but always remained focused on my clients and the core business.  Through out the good and the crises that hit me, I kept going.

When something bad happened I addressed it and moved forward, I never gave up.  I kept playing the game that I knew.  From the time I was a kid I knew I wanted to be in business, I always read, watched, studied business.  I knew what I wanted to do and just did it, took the risk, some worked and some did not.  But I never game up and applied what I learned from failing and applied it my memory bank of what not to do next time.  The other thing going for me is that I had faith, faith in a God to help me through any crises which gave me faith in myself.

There is a great quote that goes like this, “Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That’s truly about the game, and in some ways that’s about life too. Michael Jordan”.

I know that there are some business people out there who have really had a tough time these last eight years.  Some days you just didn’t know if you were going to be able to keep your business going.  And some of you may be at that point now.  Do not take it personally, keep going, keep playing the game, throw the ball out and see who will hit it back to you.  But don’t give up.  Remember in Bridesmaid, the movie, there was that one girl who started a cake business, was really good at it, but things happened and she had to shut the Cake Baby down.  She never wanted to make another cake after her failure.  Don’t shut down, try again.  Get out there and do something new, or improve on what you are good at, and just do it.  Never give up.

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