Republican Establishment – Your Nothing But Liver Belly Cowards


by Michael Lodge

Before I leave the office from a long Monday I am looking at the news sites and really amazed at the attacks on Trump. And I am very ashamed at the GOP leadership, when did they become little girls afraid of the dark? They are out there going in their own directions and not even thinking about the country – only about their own elections. They are weak miserable politicians that no longer are worthy of their seats, they should lose their seats for being such cowards. Chicken liver cowards who only care about their own jobs and will not come together and win an election.  Cowards!

Even with all of Clinton’s scandals, unethical corrupt ways, the Democrats still come to her aid. But not the Republicans, they move like little scared rabbits across the field afraid of a fight. That is what it is, they are afraid to fight for America. All they care about are their money people and their title. Here we have Trump out there fighting for Americans and the establishment fail him.

So I say to Trump – keep pushing forward – don’t give up – and win it like a leader. The GOP is full of failures and not leaders – when you abandon a Presidential candidate for your own needs – you are slimy weak. I got so pissed off this weekend that I left the Republican party after 45 years. I had to, it is the right thing to do, I don’t want to be surrounded by weak liver belly cowards. I and America deserve better.

America, we are on our own.  We have two corrupt parties that no longer care what Americans need.  It is up to us to speak out, demand change, and to get change.  No longer can we trust or rely upon the politicians going to Washington D.C., we have to create change by demanding term limits and getting the power out of Washington and replace with with the peoples voice.  I continue to support Trump because he represents change, but no longer will I support a political party where it has corrupted the government of the people.