Icon Tax Group – Prepares For Tax Season


by Michael Lodge

Tax time is coming in three more months and the staff of the firm is in the process of preparing for tax season.  All staff are required to take 25 hours of continuing education that includes 1) IRS tax updates for 2016, 2) tax law, 3) ethics and 4) California tax law.  Staff involved in business tax issues are also getting the last-minute tax updates for LLCs, C Corps, S Corps and Partnerships.  All of this new information then gets applied to training in the tax software for the office and practice runs are done to test the accountants on their knowledge.

Michael Lodge is in charge of maintaining all of the compliance issues associated with tax payer data and protection of client information.  Each year in October there is a full review of the systems in place and the policies and procedures that help run the office during very busy months of operations so that nothing gets missed.  Not everything is perfect when there is so much data so quality control procedures and staff are in place to do final review checks prior to any e-filing.

The firm grew rapidly the first year of operations. This represents the first year of Icon Tax Group as it starts it growth movement in providing greater tax services to our clients throughout the United States.  The firm has clients from the east coast to Hawaii, and some client in foreign locations.  It is the goal of the firm to be 88% paperless this next tax season and be fully paperless by the end of 2017.

The firm has hired new tax professionals to better service our clients in the area of tax preparation and audit representation.  We are pleased to have Dominic Dauigoy – EA, Carolyn Bui – EA and Philip Estrella CRTP who come to the firm with a strong background in taxation and audit representation, as well as accounting.  The firm will add more tax season professionals to help tax clients get their taxes done more in line with their busy schedules.

To learn more about our firm go to:  www.icontaxgroup.com or call our office for an appointment at:  877.778.1770