Icon Tax Group – Last Quarter Of The Year

by Michael Lodge
So we are now in the last quarter of the year.  This is when we as business prifessionals have to start looking at our year and what we have to start doing to close the year out clean.  We need to see how we want to end the year and we have three months to do it in.  Lets me proactive – think smart.

What do we have to do?

  • Make an appointment with your tax and accounting firm.
  • Provide your accountant with your 9 months of financial results, have your accountants begin to review and make adjustments if needed.  If you have an accounting firm preparing your books make sure they have everything to be up to date.
  • Set goals for the next few months, push your sales department to bring in sales to drive your numbers up.  Start to work with everyone your business to come up with new business ideas and goals for 2016.  Sit down and plan 2017 out.  Look at your inventory and how to sell it off by the end of the year at a profit.
  • Move It Forward – you have the final three months to do some great things.  Move it forward.

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