Clinton – Same Old Story – Nothing New

by Michael Lodge

“DEBATE VIEW: So last night I was in my office waiting for the office carpets to get cleaned, I watched the debate on C-Span. When you watch that channel for a debate you don’t any get commentary, just a debate. What I saw was a candidate that was very frustrated with the way the country has been run by elite politicians. You could tell that Trump was frustrated by Clinton’s political responses that gave no substance to the debate. And as I sat there, I was getting frustrated that Clinton “said” a lot of words, but did not bring anything new to the table for the American people to sink their teeth into. In Clinton, saw a political elite only – one only after an office and not willing to do anything for America.

– Same tax policies of Obama

– Same foreign policy

– Same non-answers to just about everything

And then she attacked Trump on tabloid type issues that bring *nothing* to the table, except attacks and racial slander against Trump. So after last night’s debate, what I learned is that Trump is determined to change things in our Government and Clinton wants everything to remain the same.

– Did last night’s debate change my vote for Trump – no.

– Did he make me feel even angrier towards the political elite – yes.

America needs to change its government – we need to clean out the political elites – their time is done. We need a hatchet man to go into all of these agreements and show how the government operates and “clean house”.

I believe even stronger after last night’s debate that Trump is so frustrated and angry at an out of control government, that if elected, he will get things done. America needs change – we need a hatchet man to clean up this country. This is my opinion.