Two Ducks, A Frog and Pride

On a lake there were some ducks and a frog living on a lake, and they were all good friends.  The ducks wanted to move to a new lake but their friend the frog could not move with them.  So they thought, how do we move our friend the frog with them.  So the ducks said let two of the ducks hold a stick in their mouths so the frog could hold onto the stick with his mouth and fly to the new lake.  So they took off with the frog hanging on with his mouth.  A farmer saw this and was amazed they came up with this idea.  So the farmer yelled up to the two ducks and the frog, who came up with this idea.  The frog said “i did”, and he fell to his death and the farmer ate him.  The lesson – pride killed the frog.  Pride is a killer.