Sometimes Its Not About The Game, Its About The View

by Michael Lodge

If you have ever played golf and you get so into the game, or even the competition, that your full focus is on the winning process.  That is your goal – to win.  As you’re sitting in the golf cart waiting to play through, you look around and notice that the view is greater than the game.  You sit back and take it in and notice there is more to the game.  Your thought process goes from winning to a totally new process of enjoying a quiet moment of the view.  When its your turn to play through you are refreshed and your game improves because your view improved.

In business it is basically the same.  We get focused on the win that we forget there is another view, another world around us.  By just stopping and taking a look at something new we improve ourselves, we become open to new ideas, new views. Dont get stuck in the routine of the win, step back, look around, get a fresh view.