When Did Americans Start To Endorse – It Is Ok To Lie?

Michael Lodge

by Michael Lodge

Over the course of this election I have been puzzled by the fact that when Americans see a politician lie, over and over again, then they endorse the liar.  You ask them why would you endorse a liar, when they have done it over and over again.  Not just once, but time after time over many years the individual continues to tell lies and people say it is ok.  When did we stop as a country the value of truth?  Ethics and morals has seemed to no longer be in our daily lives, we have abandoned ethics and moral paths.  Then there is the matter of trust, when a person lies how can you ever believe they will do what is right for the country?  And the person that supports the continuous lie, how can you trust that individual.  They have thrown morals and ethics to the side for a political agenda.  Political agenda’s lie.

Ethics is a human duty.  It is the body of rules of duty drawn from principles and rules concerting duty,  rules of practice in respect to a single class of human actions, as, political or social ethics.  It is the practices of doing right and shunning wrong.  This human duty is vital in leadership.  If you continue to lie throughout your whole career you can’t be a leader, you will lead to failure.  If you continue to put ethics to the side you will not lead, instead you will push only a political agenda in politics.  Push ethics to the side you have chosen not to live honorably or to serve the people. Our human duty is to tell the truth and to strive and be ethical in all that we do.

In this political season and going back many years on these candidates, we see one candidate that has served government for years and has lied for years.  The lying has become so bad that if you look up the term “Sociopathic Liar” it describes this person.  So how is this type of liar defined?  Sociopaths are defined as someone who lies continuously in an attempt to get their own way, without showing care or concern for others.  These individuals are goal-oriented.  However, I would say they are not results oriented for other people, only for themselves.  Even though it might seem hard to believe, lying is focused – they are focused on getting their own way.  Sociopaths don’t have a lot of respect or regard for the feelings and rights of others.  They tend to be charismatic and charming, but they will use their exceptional social skills and self-centered and manipulative manner.  One other issue that I see is that liars seem to always surround themselves with other liars, they run in a pack.  The liar pack, especially it seems in those pushing a political agenda.  And that goes for both right and left of the political parties.

But we get back to the question as to why Americans, in this day and age, now feel it is ok to lie?  If you believe that a person is a continuous liar and is not trustworthy, why do you keep on endorsing a lie and a liar?  In Forbes magazine an article was written titled, “The #1 Reason Why Liars Get Off The Hook”, written by Keld Jensen.  His very last statement of the article is true, “In the end, making decisions based on what and who you like – what “feels” good right now – is a faulty approach. It may work from time to time and for short-term relationships, but it becomes highly detrimental in the long run. Instead, we should strive for both likeability and trustworthiness and work with people who represent similar values regarding honesty, responsibility, empathy, courage, and humility. Even though at times it may appear otherwise, remember: Winners never cheat.”  So perhaps the liar is fulfilling your “feels good right now”.  But because of the lies and being untrustworthy will hurt you in the long run.  

If you feel you are an ethical honest person you need to choose the person that represents your duty to ethics.  If they don’t, and you vote for that unethical person, then you have not lived up to your ethical duty.  Leadership is about being ethical, telling the truth, thinking about the country before political gain, and fulfilling the duty to ethics.  Winners Never Cheat.

The job of President does not involve telling lies to the American people.  The responsibility of a friend does not involve constant lies, but rather constant truths.

“I got a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think. Hal Holbrook”