An Accountants View Of The Political Polls

Michael Lodge

by Michael Lodge

The media is calling out the polls and stating the Clinton is so far ahead.  CNN is stating that Clinton is the winner.  I think what they do is take the best polls and use only that data that fits their agenda.  But I think we should look at the average number of all of the polls and take out a margin of error of about 4%.  And let me tell you there is a lot of error by these pollsters because of them them have an agenda also.  So lets look at the national average.

Take all of the national polls that are out there and the average is that Clinton is only up by 5.5%, take out the margin of error and she is only about 1.5% ahead in the national polls.  I would even probably say that there is even another issue of truth in polling at this time.  The numbers to watch, with a margin of error are the state polls, and I feel even those numbers are much closer then being reported.  I would expect in the next two weeks you will see an increase in numbers on the Trump side – unless something goes wrong.  Clinton has so much baggage that you are not sure what is going to come out of which suite case from Wikileaks.


This is only my opinion and views.