Skippy Has Had Enough – And So Have Voters

by Michael Lodge

Skippy gets annoyed at me making fake sounds, it sets him off.  I will make bird, cat and other noises that make him run around the house in an angry tyrant. He feels that there might be something there but then again it is all fake.  So he stands there and stars at the direction the noise is coming from.  In the end he sees it is a hoax and off he goes not even caring anymore. He had enough

The voters have had enough of the fake news cycle also.  They are tired of the media attacking the candidates and not reporting the news.  News and bloggers are sending out sound bites every few minutes of the day, not reporting, just making statements.   Bloggers are guilty of pushing their political agendas and not providing any value to the process of reporting.  Even the big news agencies are now doing the same.  They attack with words and not even reporting.  The constitution provided them the right to report – not attack.   They are going over the line.  The big issue is that Americans have caught onto the fake bird calls and just walk away now.  America has now said enough is enough.

You so-called reporters – report something – stop your attacks on people.  Do your job, stop making fake bird calls.  Skippy and the American people have had it.

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