Political Polls – Through Accountants Eyes

By Michael Lodge

LOOKING AT THE POLLS: So I pulled the polls this morning and found that Clinton is ahead by only 6.7% on average of all of the polls being taken. This include the recent Fox Poll that put her at 10%. So if you take the average of 6.7% with an error percentage of -4%  (there is always errors in the polls) that puts Clinton ahead at about 2.7% Not that big of a jump and very easy for Trump to take that back and more.

If you are raising eyebrows at polls coming out big for Clinton, close your eyes, open them and look at all of the polls and take the average number. We also have to understand that polls are not always fair, their questions tend to lead the question to a particular answer that they want. So be careful of polls, don’t just read one pole, and take a average of all of the polls and you will get to a more real number.