A Walking Weekend in San Francisco

by Michael Lodge

On Saturday I took the BART to San Francisco.  I decided to have one full day of walking through the streets of San Francisco.  I started on Powell St., up to China Town, down to Pier 39, had clam chowder in a bread bowl, and then walked to the Embarcadero to catch BART back to my hotel on the other side of the bay.  7.5 miles, 1110 calories and not one single thought of the office or work.

San Francisco has a lot of memories for me. Second city I lived in, fresh out of school.  Fishing on a pier under the Golden Gate Bridge where sometimes I caught crabs on my hook.  I lived there during the Jimmy Carter years when there were protests on Iran and long lines to get gas.  Today it is still a great city with bad liberal politics, when you order food they may charge you for their employees healthcare.  Bad politics.

But all in all, if you are walking SF you are thinking about how you are going to make it up the hill and live, instead of work and political issues.  Let’s get up and walk, put your stress to the side.  Get an ice cream cone just because you can.  Take a deep breath of air and make it up the hill.  Get going, make a plan, do it.