Clinton’s Economic Plan Will Add Trillions To The Debt

by Michael Lodge 

What a disaster Clinton will bring to this nation.   Everything she has presented will add to this nations debt.  I don’t know how to explain this to you who are supporting Clinton- everything she wants to give out for free the American people will have to take on as debt.  Today each taxpayer is responsible for $150,000 of that debt, and the debt is growing more by each minute with interest.  Her plans will add another $10 trillion in debt.  If we do not cut government spending, stop creating new programs that do not pay for themselves, our nation will be hit with a crises greater then ever before.  To make americans owe more debt is corrupt, irresponsible,  and just plain stupud.  Clinton economic plan will raise taxes – on everyone.  

Socialist don’t care what they spend because it isn’t their money,  real americans care.  Stop Clinton today before we have to face another financial crises.