A Time To Eat and Rest

By Michael Lodge

Almost every weekend I go to a neighborhood place called Patys to eat and relax, and to people watch.  Sit and listen to stories of people in show biz.  I really believe that we all need a place,  in your neighborhood to go to, make friends, and where they know you.  Comfort in life during the weekend makes you get refreshed for a new week.  Everyday I repeat the Italian phrase, “the sweetness of doing nothing”.  Weekends are made for relaxing and doing nothing because when Monday comes around a full schedule is hitting you.  And there is nothing wrong with doing nothing.  

Nothing means no work, you recharge.  I use to be nonstop work, 7 days a week, but things happen in life that forces you to rethink. I now find I accomplish more in 5 days with normal working hours then I did working seven days.  

Find yourself a Patys and focus on the do nothing part of life.  Pounce on the opportunity and recharge.