Skippy The Wonder Dog and Those That Speak Too Loud

skippy 1

by Michael Lodge

Skippy is an amazing dog and creates a lot of life lessons for me as I move forward in life each day.  One of the lessons that Skippy has taught me is that he does not like it when I raise my voice at people.  If I raise my voice he comes running to me, leaps into my lap, and licks my face to make me be quiet.  Being loud does not focus the message or argument.  Sometimes the words are so loud they get distorted and never deliver any message at all.

This morning, like every morning, I got up at 5 a.m. to start working on social media marketing.  I opened up my personal Facebook page and found a friend trying to motivate people through a video.  But the problem with the video he was yelling through the whole video, but the yelling was about him and how he could teach people to be motivated.  However, the message wasn’t about how he could help you get motivated, instead it was all about him.  When people are trying to convince you how great they are it is time to move on.  And if they are shouting trying to motivate you there is an issue.  Yelling does not prove you have a message, it just means you know how to yell and sell people on you, not a message.

Think goodness for Skippy who comes to me, jumps up on me when I raise my voice.  It is better to have a solid message and do it with calm.  You accomplish great things when you speak with a strong argument without yelling.

A quote that I really like is this, “That’s the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong”.  And you don’t even have to raise your voice with a correct argument.