Our Hearts Are With The Police

By Michael Lodge

Our hearts and prayers are with the police of Baton Rouge , LA.

Another attack on police officers in Baton Rouge, LA.  Low life individuals that shoot at police officers that protect the community.  It is time for communities to take back their communities from those that hurt their neighborhood.  Work with your police.   Build a relationship between community and police.  But if you allow those with evil intentions to dominate the political agenda more people will die.  If racism is going to be used as an excuse to kill then the discussion ends.
Hate talk and killing does not create a discussion, it builds a wall.  Those that spout hate creates nothing of value. Actions of hate create fear in the nation and does nothing except destroy the nation of democracy and build walls.  I no longer hear hate or respect any message of hate.  If you want my ear and thoughts let me hear a peaceful voice, a sound argument.  But hateful voice will never be heard or respected.

Pray for the police and the communities in America.