Skippy The Wonder Dog

by Michael Lodge

A few years ago I went to visit friends down in Downey, California.   The are old and the husband has many things wrong health wise.  They told me they had a dog in their backyard in the garage.   I said let me see the dog, so they took me to the back.  I turned the corner and there was Skippy, tied to a dog house on a Four foot leash.  He had lived that way for the first year of his life.  I leaned down to pet him and he jumped into my arms and I took him home that night.  Skippy has been next to me and my best bud every single day.

Now all dogs need help.  Skippy was a wild dog at the start but he has grown into a loving dog, with patience.  Everything we work on, projects and business, relationships,  we develop with patience and focus.  Rush it and nothing gets done right, mistakes are made, and instead of developing a good dog you end of finding that cat that is clawing at you.  Patience is an important word to practice in real life.