Our Hearts And Prayers Are With Nice – France

by Michael Lodge

It is sad to see what is happening with Nice – France and the individuals who were out in celebration to be run down by a Truck with guns and weapons on innocent people.  This is not acceptable and if the world does not join forces to stop this Terror will live on in our neighborhoods  If we as nations do nothing to stop terror and the groups that support terror then we will not be safe as citizens of this world.

Have heart Nice, you will get through this.  You will become stronger and it is time that the EU answer for allowing boarders to remain open, weakening the safety of their own countries.  It is time to stop the flow of terror across open boarders with no concentrated effort from each country to individually protect their people.  Each of us has to be vigilant in this fight against terror in our own communities.

We pray that God is with you and for the safety of your nation.  God bless France.