Perhaps We Just Need A Hatchet Man

by Michael Lodge

If you are like me we are going to be happy when this attack campaign season is all over in November and we have a new President.  However, what I don’t like is people in social media and all over the place shouting out campaign attack ads, shouting out their political parties spin phrases, and not grasping what this election is really all about.  This election season is focused on change from both parties, but it is also about what have these two individuals achieved in their public and private lives.  What have they accomplished in their communities and in their nation.  What successes have they had and understanding any failures by looking at the entire picture and not just sound bites.  Get back to the subject of change, so we need to look at what the Trump motion of change is all about, forget the sound bites for a minute.

When a company is having problems they call in the guy or team called the change team, the turnaround team, or when I was first in business they called it the hatchet man.  The board brings in these people to turn their companies around from being a loser to a success.  Now no one likes the hatchet man, they despise him because they know he is going to start making some changes they may not like, but changes that are so necessary that it is needed to keep the company alive.  They come in, sit down with the employees and management and listen to what went wrong and what they feel needs to happen.  They start looking at the overall picture of the company, where the strengths are and the weaknesses are that are destroying the company.  Then the hatchet man begins to make his changes, deleting the bad aspects, renegotiating contracts, deleting the debt of the company, deleting departments and maybe replacing them with others.  The hatchet man does his job, no one likes him until it is all over and the company is back on the path of success.  In fact you don’t even need to like him, all you need to know is that the hatchet man is going to make and impact as a new company.  This is really what our country needs.  No more same old politicians running of the country, there needs to be new blood, a hatchet man that is going to turn things around.

At the beginning of this campaign Donald Trump sat down and listened to Americans.  He talked to the people on the street, those in business, and formed his campaign on what Americans wanted to have done to their country.  They wanted Donald Trump to be the hatchet man, the guy that came in, cut federal government and the national debt, get government out of the way for Americans to succeed.  That is what the campaign is about – real change.  Not politicians saying they are not part of the establishment of politics as usual in Washington D.C., but in the end we find out they really are the establishment and do not really want change, instead they only wanted power.  Americans really want change this time – not politicians.  The political canvas has changed from same old same old to wanting real change without a politician in the White House.

Now some of you are going to make the argument that Trump has no ideas – no plan of action.  When Trump stands before investors in his properties he tells you – I am going to make a great building.  He doesn’t tell you how he is going to make it.  He doesn’t sit down and explain the entire building scope of work to be done.  He doesn’t tell you how he first bought the land or building, he doesn’t tell you how he is going to do the plumbing or electric, or what kind of steal he is going to use.  No, instead he tells you he is going to build the building, he brings it in on or below budget, the units are usually fully sold prior to the finish date, and he has a successful building on his achievement list.  He may not have made friends along the way because he had a deadline and budget to meet, but he got it done and it makes an impact in the community in which it was built.  I know, there are you who don’t like his projects, who cares?  There are always going to be people who don’t like the way things get done by leaders.  Too bad, it got done and was an achievement of success.

Then there will be you who will argue that he doesn’t have a good business background because some of his companies went into bankruptcy.  Get a life people, this is how business is.  Some times they just do not work out, but the key is even if somethings fails a successful person will keep going and do other projects that are.  Not everything turns out a 100% success – but the motion of trying and making your mark goes forward – it never stops because of a few failures.  Sometimes you open a business and find it is not the right business for that particular time, it happens, so you shut it down and move forward with the next.  Failure should never stop people with big ideas and goals, it is just a stepping stone of education on what not to do next time.

As I said, we have to look at this election differently then ever before.  We have a nation that has so much debt that it will never get paid down or eliminated if we don’t bring in a hatchet man.  We have a national security problem out of control and now Americans are in harms way, so we need to reorganize our priorities to set higher standards in the national security of this nation.  Jobs and wages have remained stagnant for the last eight years, no new ideas have come out of the White House or Washington D.C. to stimulate corporations to move their companies back to the United States – they have done nothing.  And the list goes on.  It is time to stop listening to the politicians and start listening to Americans and their common sense approach to how to turn America around.

So I suggest it is time for a hatchet man.  We may not like him, we may not think he says the right things, but he does know what the American people want and he may be just the person that is so focused on his country that change may happen.  We need a hatchet man to cut up government so it becomes a better government that runs better and stays out of the control business of its citizens.  Time for a hatchet man.

This is my opinion for this Tuesday morning.