I Lost My Refund Check – What Do I Do?

Michael Lodge

by Michael Lodge

Many taxpayers lose their refunds.  Either it got lost in the mail, stolen out of your mail box, sent to the wrong address, or for many other reasons.  People call our office wanting to know what they have to do to get a new refund check.

Question: I lost my refund check. How do I get a new one?


If you have lost your refund check, to initiate a refund trace:

  • You can call the IRS at 800-829-1954 (toll-free) and either use the automated system or speak with an agent.
  • If you filed a married filing jointly return, you cannot initiate a trace using the automated systems. The IRS will issue you a Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund, to get the replacement process started or you can download the form.

Once your claim for a missing refund is processed, if the check was not cashed, you will receive a replacement after the original check is cancelled. If the refund check was cashed, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS) will provide you with a claim package that includes a copy of the cashed check. BFS will review your claim and the signature on the cancelled check before determining whether they can issue you a replacement check. The BFS review can take up to six weeks to complete.

You can also go to the IRS web at IRS.gov and check your refund status and I believe on the second page after you submit all of your refund information there is a place to report a lost or stolen check.

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