Congrats To The Brits!

Michael Lodge

by Michael Lodge

A year ago about this time I was in Europe for a month, traveling and talking to people, and ticking off a couple of bucket list items on travel.  One very early morning I was in a Taxi Cab in Rome going to the airport to head to Denmark.  I asked my driver, so how are you doing in Italy and the EU.  I got a 30 minute lecture on how under the EU the only people benefiting from it were the bankers and politicians.  The real people of the country were and are being hurt by various policies coming out of the EU, and the EU currency valuation had cut their spending in half.  They use to be able to go out on a Friday night, have a dinner, some wine and go dancing.  Now they can only afford one meal that even that is tough.  They felt they had lost their rights as a country and my driver was asking for a revolution in the country.  They have had enough of the EU.

Now that is Italy, but yesterday the United Kingdom also said enough with the EU – we want our country back.  The EU has done a lot of damage in the way of security of the nations under their rule, terror has been able to flow freely across boarders, policies are being forced down nations throats and never are to voted on by the British Parliament.  The citizens were being forced into things without the check and balance of the nation law makers and they just had enough.  So understand that this vote was for taking back control of their own nation.  Open boarders were not working – terror was flowing through all the cracks.  Policies that affected businesses and other organizations on a daily basis by the EU.  So it was time to take their country back and become a nation again.

Liberal governments do not work.  Even the socialist countries are now beginning to rethink their own cultures.  Liberal governments with open boarders do not create a safety position for their citizens, it allows no check and balance on who is coming and going.  We can see what has happened in France and Belgium.  We can see a very clear path to how liberal politics has affected the United States with a push from the far left to allow our boarders to remain open and to allow undocumented individuals to remain in the United States.  Same issue as is in Europe and the United Kingdom today.

So I applaud the United Kingdom, Bravo to your decision to leave the EU.  Now start cleaning your house and regain order, make your country a strong economic and sovereign country again.