Happy Father’s Day And Thanks For Trying


by Michael Lodge

I grew up at the end of the 50s and into the 60s, at that time my father lived by the rule that children were to be seen and not heard.  So when company came over to the house I would spend time in my room.  Now I have always been one to forward think, which means I was creative in my quiet time.  One time I decided I would make a device that would be able to talk to people in space.  Somehow I had two old radios in my room and I decided to rewire them and hook them together to give them more strength.  I got it done and plugged it into the wall socket and poof up in smoke and the house fuse blew and turned out the lights in the entire house leaving my parents and their guests in the dark.  So I really broke the rule and my father gave me the look that we would discuss this later.  We never did, thank goodness he showed patience in my creativity.

My father had an entire life of pain and I always wondered how he took it.  He was in the second world War and served in Germany.  He was shot in the leg and it was damaged for life.  The army lost his service records and he was never able to get medical help from the VA.  He tried up to the day he died.  When he passed away he was living on half a heart and cancer, and no help from the country he had served.  Even with all of the pain he was still trying to create things, buying land in Arizona and doing something on it.  He felt if he kept busy he could ignore the pain and keep living.

With every parent there are good times and bad times.  But father’s can’t quit when there is tough times, they have to keep going.  They have to keep teaching by example even to the point when grandchildren are present in their lives.  A father’s role carries a lot of responsibilities and each day they get up and try to be a father again.  So to all the fathers today, thanks for trying and never giving up.

“Every child grows up thinking their father is a hero or villain until they are old enough to realize that he is just a man”

Happy Father’s Day to every father just being a good man.