Skippy has his own down time


by Michael Lodge

Today in Los Angeles it is a cloudy drizzly day and my dog Skippy wants to stay in bed.  It is a Skippy day when he practices the Italian saying, “The sweetness of doing nothing”.

I know for myself that there are days after a long week that doing nothing for one day is perfect.  And what is needed is snacks that only you like, that is vital for a Skippy day.  And then sit back, relax, watch some TV or read a book, or both.  It is all up to you.  One other thing, start the day with a nice cup of coffee, sit by a window and watch the world.  No thoughts of work, problems or issues.

So today is Skippys day and soon I need to find my day.  Once I get my list of things to do whittled down.