Prayer is vital


By Michael Lodge

When you have a crises going on or even small worries,  prayer to the ears of God get answered.  Go to a quiet place and lift up everything to God.  It works.  Even the smallest things get heard.  Prayer and meditation put you at a place of peace.  Since April I have been spending many hours in meditation and prayer.  When there is a mountain in front of you the only way to get through it is by giving everything up in faith.

I love what I do, I love the art of business, but there are times when a bad thing hits you from the side that you have no control over and did not involve you.  It hits you so hard that it knocks the spirt out of you and you need to find a foundation of strength.  When you are going through a crises no one comes up and says how are you doing or can we help you.  It is up to you to find that foundation again and push back and work the problems out one at a time.  Prayer and meditation is that foundation,  you can’t give up.  Never give up, just know there is a strong God that will guide you.

I write this in church as the silence is around me.  Be silent and know that I am God, I am the am. 

Everyone have a great weekend.  Don’t lose faith, keep your confidence in faith.  Thus ends my sermon for the weekend.  Smile 🙂