Crabs – Those That Tear You Down 

by Michael Lodge

Crabs are people who take their claws and cling onto you when things in your life are going great.  When you are down in life they let go of you and turn on you.  The true issue that brought your down will always be built on by a crab, your story becomes their story.  Instead of coming to your help they turn against, clawing you down more to other people.

Break their claws off and let them sink to the bottom of the sea where all the rest of the scavengers are.  Their broken off claws will be eaten by others at the bottom of the sea.

20 years ago I had a down point in my life, I didn’t know if I would survive, but I did.  I had crabs that loved me when I was being a success, when I was hit with a down turn the crabs left me and abandoned me. Two years later I rebuilt, I was stronger then befor.  I was at church one day and the crab was there.  The crab tried to approach me in church and wanted to do business with me again.  I broke off the crabs claws and never looked back.

Just remember, you will rebuild.  You will be stronger then before.  You will know who are truly with you.  You have already broken off the claws of the scavengers and replaced them with true and ethical people.  All of us should build a life board of directors, those that stand by you and will advise you.  Board of directors are great at keeping you balanced.

Go break some crab claws and succeed.