Ali Was The Greatest

by Michael Lodge

A few years back I was representing a very famous boxer where I had to visit his boxing promoters office to gather and review documents.  We were missing documents, so they took me to their warehouse to go through boxes.  When we got to the warehouse and as I was pulling what I needed I looked up and there were four boxes labeled “Muhammad Ali”.  Do you know how much I wanted to pull a ladder up to those boxes and look inside – very bad.  In my mind I thought those 4 boxes have a story in them that went along with his fights.  Boxes filled with lengedary facts and pictures of a great fighter of all times.

Ali moved with style, strength and a lot of poetry.  He was a person who was focused on his sport and yet made people laugh.  It takes strength and a true belief in oneself to be great.  I will miss him, I have not seen a boxer yet with his the style and grace.  Good bye Muhammad, you will always be remembered in our hearts.