A Light To Guide You To Safety


by Michael Lodge

I have always loved lighthouses.  They each tell a story, people have lived in them in secluded areas, some are way out on islands where they lived a lonely life.  But their only mission was to keep ships safe at sea.  Drive up the east or west coast and see some amazing lighthouses that still stand tall telling their story. 

We are all lighthouses,  we all try and do good and guide our friends and families in the right direction, and we each have a story to tell.  The old lighthouses stand there as a solid example of guidance and safety.  Long after they still tell a good story of guidance.  We are lighthouses. Shine bright as an example,  do what is right so that by your example, build faith and you can help guide a friend or a family member to safety.  It is all about how we live our lives.

Those that have made mistakes and went off the path, you still have a chance to turn around, find the good light, and move forward.  You can always build your own lighthouse and begin to shine again.  Go out, have faith, and shine brightly.